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PopUpGym Outdoor Boutique Fitness Events

These boutique fitness events held at unique venues cater for 200 – 300 participants. Adding to the uniqueness of these events is the use of Bluetooth headsets for all participants, essentially grading the events as noise free.

The mission behind the events is to prove that a fitness lifestyle can be enjoyed literally anywhere, anytime and is not limited to indoor facilities. We also engage in meaningful conversations about other health & fitness topics like nutrition, exercise gear, injury prevention etc.

To date, PopUpGym has featured at the Montecasino Piazza, Nelson Mandela Square, Siverstar Casino, Suncoast Casino, the Maslow Hotel, Joburg Zoo and the Sandton City Rooftop.

PopUpGym Corporate Training Sessions

With the connection between wellness and productivity, corporates have taken a strong interest in promoting wellness in the workplace.

These training sessions form part of Corporate Wellness Programmes and take place at your premises.

Group training classes on offer include Yoga, Pilates, Aerobics, Zumba, Kick, Functional training, Bootcamp and Gumboot dance. The sessions are 45mins long, cater for both genders, all fitness levels and can be provided weekly, monthly or quarterly.

This service includes quarterly health assessments that assess body weight & height, body mass index, waist-hip ratio, body fat percentage, fat mass, fat-free mass, visceral fat, body water content and basal metabolic rate.

PopUpGym also offers the Boutique Fitness Event setup (including the Bluetooth headsets) as a team building activity or part of a sports day.

* Note: Weekly Corporate Training Sessions do not include bluetooth headphones

PopUpGym Wellness Days

Our Wellness Days are tailored to what the client wants to achieve. Our services for wellness days include (but are not limited to):

Health talk

Cholesterol & glucose testing (conducted by Certified Nurses)

HIV testing and counselling (conducted by Certified Nurses)

Comprehensive Body Composition Assessments (conducted by Certified Nurses/Biokineticists)

Group Fitness Classes (e.g. Zumba, Aerobics, Yoga, Pilates, Gumboot Dance, Kick & Move)

Express Mobile Massage Services (eg. 15min neck, shoulder, head, foot & calf massages)


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